Tech Tips: What is a URL?

Laptop sitting on kitchen table

By Amelia, Digital Learning Specialist Have you ever wondered what the letters “URL” mean or seen the phrase “follow this link for more information”? Maybe you’ve seen a URL or a website link in advertisements or on event flyers, product information, or even the news. In this Tech Tip, we’ll cover what URLs are and … Read more

Tech Tips: How to apply for the Affordable Connectivity Program

Affordable Connectivity Program: Helping Families Connect

By Amy Hofmockel, Digital Learning Librarian & John Gargiulo, Supervising Librarian of Creative Technology The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is an FCC benefit program to help people afford internet services. If you qualify, the ACP can help pay for monthly internet service and even provide a one-time discount for an internet-capable device. Depending on your internet provider, the … Read more

Tech Tips: How to use Consumer Reports

Two older adults laughing while using a laptop and holding a credit card

By Rose Barnes, Health & Senior Services Librarian Are you thinking about buying a new car, appliance, gadget, or literally anything else, but feeling overwhelmed or not sure where to start? Consumer Reports is designed to help you navigate all of the options and narrow down products based on consumer tests and reviews. Their goal … Read more

Tech Tips: How to get started with PressReader

A screenshot of the PressReader app on a phone, with the PressReader logo

By John Gargiulo, Supervising Librarian of Creative Technology Interested in a convenient way to read newspapers on your phone? With access to more than 7,000 publications from around the world in their original language and format, PressReader is a helpful tool. This post will cover some basics that will help you get started with PressReader. Here are five … Read more

Tech Tips: Basic digital security: How to create a strong password

Lock icon centered inside a shield with a check mark bubble floating above

By Amy Hofmockel, Digital Learning Librarian It’s so important to create strong passwords—and frequently update them—even though most websites have security measures in place to keep your personal information private. Let’s go over a few of the most basic—but most important—ways to keep your digital data safe, starting with how to: Create strong passwords, Remember … Read more

Tech Tips: How to find a digital newspaper or magazine

Person searching on laptop

By John Gargiulo, Supervising Librarian of Creative Technology Your Oak Park Public Library card gives you access to thousands of digital newspapers and magazines. Different streaming apps like PressReader, Flipster, and Libby all provide access to digital newspapers and magazines. So what is the best way to start when you’re looking for your favorites? Want to just browse? Check … Read more

Tech Tips: How to copy & paste on your smartphone

Hands holding a smartphone

By John Gargiulo, Supervising Librarian of Creative Technology You have likely used the copy and paste functions to move text on your computer, within a document or email, or from one application to another. (If you haven’t, check out these copy and paste shortcut instructions you can use on your computer.) But how do you complete … Read more

Tech Tips: 5 resources for spotting misinformation

News website display on a laptop

By John Gargiulo, Supervising Librarian of Creative Technology In today’s media landscape, it can be challenging to sort through the constant flow of information and evaluate the accuracy of news articles and social media posts. The fast pace, sensational headlines, and frequent layout changes of social media can make it challenging to assess what you are reading. These … Read more

Tech Tips: How to sign up for a Learning Lab

Two people wearing masks and working on a laptop

By Amy Hofmockel, Digital Learning Librarian Looking for one-on-one help with a specific digital learning or technical topic? Sign up for an in-person Learning Lab appointment—available at all three library locations—and get a focused 30-minute session with a Learning Lab instructor. You can request an appointment by filling out our Learning Lab Appointment Request form, but before … Read more

Tech Tips: How to use Burbio to find Oak Park events

Burbio website displayed on laptop

By John Gargiulo, Supervising Librarian of Creative Technology Looking for more ways to keep track of community events? is a free website and mobile app that puts multiple local government agencies and community organizations—including your public library—in one combined online calendar. In this Tech Tip, we’re going to review how you can use this tool to find … Read more

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