Holds, Returns & Lockers

To pick up and return your items, you can choose from any Oak Park Public Library building location and lockers at the Main Library. We also offer home delivery.

Use lockers for 24/7 access to materials

Returning items

Outside Oak Park book drop locations

Village Parking Lot 55

Accessible from North Boulevard (between Kenilworth and Oak Park avenues). Drive in and around to access the curbside book drop. See on Google Maps »

Automated book return and outdoor lockers at the Main Library

Main Library

To the right of the front door: an outdoor automated return and lockers. Want to use a locker for materials pickup and return? Contact us »

North Grove Avenue Book Drop on the plaza in front of the Main Library

North Grove Avenue

Northeast side of the Main Library.

Maze Branch

In front of the building on Gunderson Avenue.

Dole Branch book drop

Dole Branch

North of the building on Augusta Street.

Using the automated returns

  • At the Main Library, please return only books and DVDs through the automated return slots (located inside the lobby and, as pictured above, outside the main entrance).
  • For items like magazines and newspapers, kits that come in a backpack or bag, and tech devices, please hand them to a staff member inside the library or set up a locker return in advance of your return visit.

Using lockers for 24/7 access

  • Outdoor lockers (35) are located to the right of the main entrance. Once you are registered for locker use, you can pick up and return items anytime, even when the Main Library building is closed.
  • Indoor lockers (17) are located in the lobby under the stairwell. You can pick up and return items only when the Main Library is open.
  • You can pick up anything in the lockers, including books, movies, and devices such as hotspots.

Placing & picking up holds

Placing items on hold

Picking up items on hold

  • It’s easy to change the way you are notified about your holds. Learn more here »
  • Inside each library, there is dedicated shelf space where you will find items alphabetized by cardholders’ last names.
  • Want to use an indoor or outdoor locker to pick up your items? Let’s get started »

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