Let’s celebrate National Library Week 2024

During April’s National Library Week, let’s make a special effort to thank and celebrate all of our amazing Oak Park library staff members! And, be sure to check out what’s available via our new online library store!

From Monday, April 8, through Friday, April 12, when you stop by any library location, you can write a note to your favorite librarian and/or library worker and put it in a box provided. You also can submit comments (anytime!) via the library’s contact us form.

Throughout that week, we will post and share all the library love notes collected—via poster boards at each library location and on the library’s social media pages—for everyone to enjoy.

Thank you for considering a contribution during National Library Week and for using your public library!

How libraries give us a green light

Libraries give us a green light to something special: a place with kind and supportive people to help you connect with your neighbors, learn new skills, and focus on what matters most.

Find your people at library author talks, workshops, and book groups. Enjoy the scenic route—stroll through the stacks to find your new favorite story. Or take a virtual trip—and browse all the helpful resources your library offers online.

No matter where you find yourself on the roadmap through life’s journey—preparing for a new career, launching a business, or raising a family—your library provides an inclusive and supportive community where everyone belongs.

Start your next journey with this librarian-curated list

Whether it’s an exploration through art, cooking, or history, armchair or actual travel, or even a fictional voyage, the library can help you start your next journey.