Accessibility & Support

Library buildings are ADA-compliant. On this page, find out more about what support is available where. More about supported resources, services, and programs for all ages, as well as home delivery.

ADA Accessible Computers on the Main Library's third floor

In addition to resources at our library, you can access resources available through other libraries. For example, the Talking Book and Braille Service (TBBS) provides audio and braille library service via mail or digital download to any Illinois resident who is unable to read standard print material due to a permanent or temporary visual or physical disability. To learn more, contact us now and learn more from the Illinois Secretary of State & State Librarian »

At the Main Library

Elevator access

There is elevator access from the underground parking garage to the first floor lobby. A separate elevator bank provides access from the first floor lobby to the second and third floors.

First floor in Children’s Services

General support

  • A social narrative for visiting the library, available as a virtual tutorial and downloadable print version (pdf), which is also available at the Children’s Services desk.
  • Noise-canceling headphones, wiggle seats, fidget toys, DIY schedules, pinwheels, sunglasses, weighted lap blankets, and more.

Specific tools

  • An Ubi-Duo, a bluetooth-enabled two-way communications system originally created by and for d/Deaf people, that is useful in a variety of situations. For in-the-library use only, patrons can link keyboards to type to another person and you both see each other’s words on your screen.
  • Two iPads only loaded with seven augmentative/alternative communication apps. These apps are for people who have difficulty expressing themselves with vocal speech. They can use pre-loaded buttons and on-screen keyboards to communicate. Families need to try a wide variety of apps to find the one that works best for someone, and this will assist them in making this important choice.
  • Braille books, ones that have been published in Braille, and ones with Braille translations added.
  • Braille readers to translate ebooks and web pages into braille.
  • Scanner pens to scan text, hear the words read aloud, and look up any words you don’t know.
  • Adapted Boardmaker books, offering picture symbols as a way for children to learn and recognize words in a visual, pictorial way.

For caregivers looking for spaces to breastfeed, pump, or bottle feed

Second floor Veterans Room hearing device support

  • Ask us now and in the library at any service desk for details.

Third floor public desktop computers

  • Adjustable height tables.
  • Large type keyboards.
  • Monitors with increased display size.
  • Adaptive software (JAWS FSReader, OpenBook, and MAGIC) that magnifies and reads images and text aloud.

At Maze Branch

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