Each year, the Board of Library Trustees approves an annual library budget. Oak Park property owners currently pay roughly 5% of their total Cook County property tax bill to the library. Nearly all (96%) of the library’s operating budget comes from property taxes (0.0366% comes from fees, and 0.00291% comes from grants and gifts).

Graphic of 2024 library budget

  • See the 2024 budget (pdf), approved at the board’s October 17, 2023 regular meeting.
  • Monthly financial statements are included in meeting materials, available via oppl.org/board »
  • State of Illinois Public Act 102-0265 mandates that specified taxing districts, including the library, make a good-faith effort to collect and publish certain demographic information from vendors and/or subcontractors that do business with the library. View the most recent results received from vendors »

Audited financial statements