Vision, Mission, Strategic Plan

  • Our vision: To empower every voice in our community
  • Our mission: We share the information, services, and opportunities that fulfill Oak Park’s aspirations.
  • Community aspirations: Literacy, Education, Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, Health, Safety, Affordability

Informed by community aspirations, the library’s three strategic priorities are engagement, learning, and stewardship. Download the 2019 strategic plan (pdf), approved by the Board of Library Trustees on November 27, 2018.

2019 strategic plan

Engagement: The Oak Park Public Library connects people and community

Corresponding Values

Civic Responsibility, Collaboration, Compassion, Gathering, Participation


  • We focus on inclusive engagement with diverse community groups.
  • We show empathy for and develop connections between diverse audiences.
  • We build and support personal relationships to achieve equity objectives.
  • We lead the community in impactful civic engagement.

Learning: The Oak Park Public Library educates global citizens

Corresponding Values

Knowledge, Access, Literacy, Reading, Education, Opportunity, Intellectual Freedom


  • We support children to arrive at kindergarten ready for learning.
  • We prepare patrons and staff for continuously changing technology.
  • We enrich patrons’ lives through opportunities to create and to learn new skills.
  • We support students’ education through equitable access to library resources, in and out of school.

Stewardship: The Oak Park Public Library sustains, shares, and respects community resources

Corresponding Values

Accountability, Preservation, Sustainability, Transparency


  • We welcome everyone to enjoy and be inspired by library spaces.
  • We provide broad and effective access to resources.
  • We increase the community’s appreciation for the return on their investment.
  • We sustain the library and the natural environment.
  • We support library staff to achieve happiness, well-being, and success.

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