Vision, Mission, Values & Strategic Priorities

Vision: To empower every voice in our community.

Mission: We share the information, services, and opportunities that fulfill Oak Park’s aspirations.

Values: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Civic Responsibility, Collaboration, Compassion, Gathering, and Participation; Access, Education, Knowledge, Intellectual Freedom, Literacy, Opportunity, and Privacy; and Accountability, Preservation, Sustainability, and Transparency.

These values were derived through a years-long process of turning outward and identifying shared community aspirations of literacy, education, diversity, inclusion, equity, empathy, health, safety, and affordability.

Strategic Priorities

Informed by the library’s vision, mission, and values, these four strategic priorities (and supporting plans) are approved by the Board of Library Trustees.

Anti-Racism, a stand-alone plan designed to:

  • Address internalized, interpersonal, institutional, and structural racism.

Engagement, connecting people and building community to:

  • Focus on inclusive engagement and service to diverse community groups.
  • Facilitate connections among diverse audiences through shared community aspirations and experiences.
  • Lead the community in impactful civic engagement.
  • Attract and retain a library staff that reflects the diversity of our community.

Learning, educating global citizens to:

  • Build capacity for literacy and education.
  • Prepare people for continuously changing technology.
  • We Improve patrons’ lives through opportunities to create and to learn new skills.

Stewardship, sustaining, sharing, and respecting community resources to:

  • Invite everyone into library spaces that are welcoming, safe, and inspiring.
  • Provide broad, effective, and equitable access to resources.
  • Prioritize sustainability.
  • Support all library staff to achieve happiness, well-being, and success.

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