Vision, Mission, Values & Priorities

As a public library in a Book Sanctuary Community, our mission is to share the information, services, and opportunities that fulfill Oak Park’s aspirations. Our vision to empower every voice in our community. These statements were developed through a years-long process of turning outward listening to what kind of community our neighbors want to live in. Oak Parkers told us they aspire to live in a community that is diverse, equitable, inclusive and empathetic as well as a place that supports education, health, literacy, safety, and affordability.

2023 strategic priorities & plans

As a result, we strategically prioritize anti-racism (and values of accessibility, empowerment, courage, impact-oriented work, innovation, representation, and social justice); engagement (and values of diversity, equity, inclusion, civic responsibility, collaboration, compassion, gathering, and participation); learning (and values of access, education, knowledge, intellectual freedom, literacy, opportunity, and privacy); and stewardship (and values of accountability, preservation, sustainability, and transparency.)

Informed by all of the above, our everyday library work is driven by two plans, both approved by the Board of Library Trustees.

2024 strategic priorities & logic model

The library’s 2024 logic model (pdf) provides a snapshot of strategic thinking and planning around key elements including: inputs (what we have); activities (what we do); outputs (what we produce or deliver); and outcomes (what impact we strive to make in our community).

How we measure & define success

Dive more deeply into how the library evaluates and reports on its impact in relation to its strategic priorities:

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