Idea Box

Located just inside the entrance of the Main Library, this 9×13 space is always changing. Designed both for and with community, the Idea Box space exists to empower voices and to provide historically, intentionally, and traditionally marginalized people groups a unique public space to create, inform, build, share, and be.

Window panels celebrating Juneteenth with Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass, and Harriet Tubman

Juneteenth window display »

Previous displays & exhibits

  • May 2024: Jewish American Heritage Month
  • May 2024: A Celebration of Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) Heritage Month
  • April 2024: National Poetry Month
  • March 2024: Celebrating Ramadan
  • February 2024: Julian Legacy Museum
  • January 2024: Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • December 2023: Holidays Around the World
  • November 2023: Celebrating Diwali
  • October-November 2023: Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead)
  • September-October 2023: Hispanic Heritage Month
  • August 2023: Opioid Awareness
  • July 2023: Disability Pride
  • June 2023: Celebrating 50 Years of Hip Hop
  • May 2023: Celebrating Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Month
  • April 2023: Celebrating Ramadan by Oak Parker Dima Ali
  • February-March 2022: “The Work”: Black History Museum
  • January 2022: Martin Luther King Jr. Lorraine Motel Memorial Window Exhibit, by the Oak Park Public Library
  • December 2022: Holidays Around the World, by the Oak Park Public Library
  • November 2022: Gender Is a Galaxy, Gender Is a Weapon, Transgender Day of Remembrance exhibit, presented by Aaron McManus
  • November 2022: Día de Muertos community ofrenda, by the Oak Park Public Library
  • October 2022: A display, by Beyond Hunger
  • September 2022: Trapfuturism, by Nailah Golden
  • August 2022: Overdose Awareness
  • August 2022: Oak Park Community Fridge Display
  • July 2022: Disability Pride Display, by the Oak Park Public Library
  • June 2022: Tia Etu Exhibit: Juneteenth—The Call, with works by Tia Etu
  • June 2022: Pride Month Display, by the Oak Park Public Library
  • May 2022: Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month Display, presented by Oak Park community members
  • April 2022: Ramadan Around the World Display, presented in collaboration with Dima Ali, community member and founder of Being Different
  • February-March 2022: Black History Special Exhibit: The Brian and ShaRhonda Dawson Collection
  • October 2021: Day of the Dead Art Display, designed by fellow librarian, talented artist, and Oak Park resident Raleigh Ocampo
  • September 2021: Multicultural Collection Artifacts on Display, by the Oak Park Public Library