Idea Box

Located just inside the entrance of the Main Library, this 9×13 space is always changing. It is typically curated by Multicultural Coordinator Juanta Griffin ( and additional members of the Community Engagement Team. Designed both for and with community, the Idea Box space exists to empower voices and to provide historically, intentionally, and traditionally marginalized people groups a unique public space to create, to inform, to build, to share, and to be.

Hispanic Heritage Month display in Idea Box windows

Hispanic Heritage Month is September 15-October 15. Learn more »

Previous displays & exhibits

  • August 2023: Opioid Awareness
  • July 2023: Disability Pride Month
  • June 2023: Celebrating 50 Years of Hip Hop
  • May 2023: Celebrating Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Month
  • April 2023: Celebrating Ramadan by Oak Parker Dima Ali
  • February-March 2022: “The Work”: Black History Museum
  • January 2022: Martin Luther King Jr. Lorraine Motel Memorial Window Exhibit, by the Oak Park Public Library
  • December 2022: Holidays Around the World, by the Oak Park Public Library
  • November 2022: Gender Is a Galaxy, Gender Is a Weapon, Transgender Day of Remembrance exhibit, presented by Aaron McManus
  • November 2022: Día de Muertos community ofrenda, by the Oak Park Public Library
  • October 2022: A display, by Beyond Hunger
  • September 2022: Trapfuturism, by Nailah Golden
  • August 2022: Overdose Awareness Month
  • August 2022: Oak Park Community Fridge Display
  • July 2022: Disability Pride Display, by the Oak Park Public Library
  • June 2022: Tia Etu Exhibit: Juneteenth—The Call, with works by Tia Etu
  • June 2022: Pride Month Display, by the Oak Park Public Library
  • May 2022: Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month Display, presented by Oak Park community members
  • April 2022: Ramadan Around the World Display, presented in collaboration with Dima Ali, community member and founder of Being Different
  • February-March 2022: Black History Special Exhibit: The Brian and ShaRhonda Dawson Collection
  • October 2021: Day of the Dead Art Display, designed by fellow librarian, talented artist, and Oak Park resident Raleigh Ocampo
  • September 2021: Multicultural Collection Artifacts on Display, by the Oak Park Public Library

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