Enjoy free & easy access to ebooks

In our continued quest to be a library for everyone, we strive to offer the widest possible access with the fewest barriers as possible. That’s why we are thrilled to launch our latest initiative for easy and fast access to digital library materials: an epop-up library. This new curated collection offers free, seven-day access to titles and selections curated by our Oak Park librarians. 

Who can use this service?

Anyone with a device to download and read ebooks, from wherever they are. This service does not require an Oak Park Public Library card. (But of course we encourage you to get one if you live, work, or teach in Oak Park!)

How do I access ebooks?

Using your phone or tablet’s camera, scan the QR code. Then click on the QR code to go to the login site.

When can I download items?


Where are posters with epop-up library QR codes located? 

The library is in discussion and partnership with several local organizations, including Thrive Counseling, who are interested in supporting this “read while you wait” service.

Do I need a library card to sign up?

No, you use your email address and create a password to use this service.

What are the password requirements?

Passwords must be at least eight digits and include an upper case character, a lower case character, and one number.

What if I forget my password?

Your user information is sent to you through the email you provided at sign-up and includes your password. Check your email’s spam folder if you don’t see an email. If you continue having trouble with your account, please contact us.

How do I check out an item?

Use the link in the email provided at sign-up to return to the website to continue reading or find more material.

How long will my registration last?

Registration is seven days to access the material; that access expires after 14 days.

Can I re-register my account?

Yes, you can sign up again using the QR code after your original registration expires.

How long can I keep my checked-out item?

You can keep your item for seven days.

Do I need WiFi to read or listen to my items?

No, you can use cellular data to read or listen to items.