Meet Our Staff

Executive Director David J. Seleb, 708.697.6911,

Deputy Director Jim Madigan, 708.697.6909,


  • Collections and Technology: Elizabeth Marszalik
  • Communications: Jodi Kolo
  • Human Resources: Billy Treece
  • Public Services and Programs: Lori Pulliam
  • Social Services and Safety: Robert Simmons


  • Adult and Teen Services: Alexandra Skinner
  • Branch and Access Services: Martyn Churchouse
  • Children’s Services: Jennifer Norborg
  • Information Technology: Marcin Terlik
  • Materials Services: Kathleen Spale
  • Special Collections: Leigh Tarullo

Get expert answers, local connections

To support community needs and use librarians’ expertise in more focused ways, we follow a librarians of practice model. Each librarian gears their talents for research, relationship-building, and local expertise around a specific topic that informs how librarians select and maintain collections, develop programming, and cultivate community partnerships. Contact the staff member below about a question or idea about how the library can work with you and your local organization!

Librarians, areas of practice

  • Adult Education and Job Seekers: Rashmi Swain
  • Adult and Teen Digital Learning: Rose Barnes
  • Business and Government: Bridget Optholt
  • Cataloging: Colleen White
  • Children’s Digital Learning: Anne Bensfield
  • Children’s Outreach: Jenny Jackson
  • Community Relations: Debby Preiser
  • Data Analysis: Grant Halter
  • Digital & Audiovisual Collections, Oak Park Creates: Eric Pasteur
  • Digital Communications: Ashley Boyer
  • Digital Learning Coordinator: Deidre Winterhalter
  • Early Literacy: Shelley Harris
  • Elementary School Services: Genevieve Grove
  • Graphic Design: Rebecca Lang
  • Health and Wellness: Juanita Harrell
  • High School Services: Rachael Bild
  • Local History: Edward O’Brien
  • Materials Services: Barbara Fitzgerald
  • Middle School Services: Jose Cruz
  • Multicultural Collection: Naomi Priddy
  • Neighborhood Services: Sarah Yale
  • Readers’ Advisory: Margita Lidaka
  • Social Services: Stephen Jackson
  • Special Collections: Emily Reiher

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