Evaluating Our Impact

As one of America’s Five-Star Libraries, our mission is to share the information, services, and opportunities that fulfill Oak Park’s aspirations. To evaluate how we fulfill that mission, we collect, analyze, and share stories and data to better understand the library’s impact on our community.

Stories of impact

By the numbers

The data we gather is guided by our logic model (pdf), which summarizes the work of the library and what success looks like for each objective in our strategic plan. It provides a snapshot of our thinking and planning around key elements:

  • Inputs: What we have (i.e., resources)
  • Activities: What we do
  • Outputs: What we produce or deliver
  • Outcomes/Impacts: What difference we make for our community

For each outcome we hope to achieve, there are multiple pieces of data we collect to evaluate success. We gather these data in a variety of ways, including library user and community surveys, and core use statistics such as circulation, technology use, and program attendance. The data from these sources can be viewed in the dashboards below (data may take a moment to load).

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