Art in the Library

Video courtesy of the Village of Oak Park.

In addition to a public gallery that exhibits local artists’ work, the Main Library has assembled a collection of art to engage our multicultural community with works that are challenging, intriguing, and enduring. In designing the library, the architects sought to create a series of discoveries. Similarly, these pieces of art are meant to be viewed as a series of visual discoveries as you move through the building.

Building such a collection is a process that continues. Funds raised by the Bricks for Art program and Gala Preview Party prior to the 2003 opening of the Main Library building were instrumental in these purchases, and continued to be raised through a percentage of sales of artwork exhibited in the gallery and through giving to the library. To learn more, contact Executive Director David J. Seleb (davids@oppl.org708.697.6911).

Main Library Permanent Art Collection

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