Apps for Account Access & Self-Checkout

Put the library in your pocket with two apps designed to simplify your library experience: the new SWAN Libraries + for account management and the Meescan app for self-checkout. Read more about functionality and how to get started below. Questions? Ask us anytime »

New! SWAN Libraries + app: For account management

SWAN + app icon

A new release of the SWAN (System Wide Automated Network) app is available as of December 2023. Available for iOS and Android.

If you are using the old version of the app, please delete and reinstall the new app. The old app will not include your most recent account information and other features.

With the new app, you can:

Updates with improvements (including self-checkout functionality) are expected later this year. Explore how-to instructions on the SWAN website »

Meescan app: For self-checkout in the library

Check out library items from anywhere inside the library with the Meescan app. To find it, search “Meescan” in your app store. Available for Android and iOS.

Things to note

  • Install the app from anywhere, but activate only in the library (once you visit the library and use the app, it will not ask for a code).
  • If you open the app anywhere outside of the library, it will say “Checkout is only available while in the library and with location services enabled.”
  • You must set the Meescan app to allow for location use.
  • Be sure to scan the library barcode, not the publisher barcode.