Posting Community Flyers & Sharing Event Information

Library community bulletin board exist to to help you and your neighbors connect. They also help support the library’s mission to share the information, services, and opportunities that fulfill Oak Park’s aspirations.

Flyers on the community bulletin board at the Main Library

With the Main Library serving as a community hub, and the branch libraries serving as smaller “community living rooms,” each of the three library locations offer onsite dedicated bulletin board space for organizations and individuals to post about local events. 

In addition, through its social media channels, the library routinely shares information to amplify organizational community voices.

The library also is an active participant and supporter of, a free online community event calendar.

To maximize the use of limited physical bulletin board space and balance its social media postings, the library prioritizes information using the following criteria:

  • Equity and anti-racism events in the community;
  • Events held or sponsored by Oak Park nonprofits; and 
  • Events that align with the community aspirations of literacy, education, diversity, inclusion, equity, empathy, health, safety, and affordability.

To submit a flyer for consideration, share a paper version at any library location. You may also submit a PDF using the online form below. The library uses digital processes in an effort to reduce paper waste and increase reach and awareness.

Thank you for using your library, and for helping keep your community informed and connected!

Request to post & share community information through the library

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