Meeting Spaces

Small Meting Room
Rooms may be reserved—online, by phone (by location), and at library service desks. Above, the Main Library Small Meeting Room.

Reserve a room online, by phone (by library location), and at library service desks

What’s new

While the library’s meeting spaces policy remains unchanged, patrons have access to a new web-based room reservation system and events calendar. There are also updated use and payment procedures. (And remember, nonprofit organizations use spaces for free!)

Virtual meeting space is an option, too

Oak Park cardholders also have access to virtual meeting space via Zoom Video Conferencing. Learn more and reserve a virtual meeting space »

Before getting started, here are three big changes to note:

  • There is now one website to reserve in-person or virtual rooms.
  • Everyone needs a library card and library PIN to make a reservation for a meeting space. 
  • While in any library space, masks are required. In all in-person meeting spaces, enforcement will be the responsibility of the space renter, not library staff.
  • Questions? Ask us anything »

Meeting Spaces Policy

Please read and agree to the library’s Meeting Spaces Policy. Highlights include:

  • Age: Renters must be 18 years or older and have a valid library card.
  • Access: Renters must understand events are open to the public; spaces cannot be used for private social gatherings or parties.
  • Monetary exchanges: No selling or buying goods or services, soliciting donations is permitted.
  • Fees: No fees can be charged, either prior to a reservation or on the day of your rental.
  • Types of events permitted: educational, cultural, political, civic, or charitable in nature event.
  • Types of events not permitted: commercial educational presentations.

Payment & Use Procedures

Please read and agree to the library’s Payment and Use Procedures. Highlights include:

  • Not-for-profits can rent space for free, up to four hours. Not-for-profit groups are defined as not-for-profit when their missions serve an educational, cultural, charitable, political, or civic purpose and include 501(c)3 corporations and unincorporated associations, organizations, clubs, book groups, or government agencies.
  • For-profits can pay to rent space for up to four hours. Prices vary by space. All groups that do not fit the definition of a not-for-profit group will be defined as for-profit. These include all businesses and other commercial entities.
  • There are three ways to pay: credit card (VISA, Mastercard, AmEx, JCB, and Discover), check, and cash.
  • Payment is due one week before your approved reservation date.
    • If payment is not received, your reservation will be cancelled and the space will be made available to rent to another group.
    • Requests made less than one week in advance must be paid for at the time of approval.
  • Once a payment has been made, it cannot be refunded.

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