Tech Tips: How to use Creativebug

Creativebug logo on top of a table with a floral watercolor and painting supplies

By Health & Senior Services Librarian Rose Barnes Whether you are new to crafting or a seasoned master crafter, there is something for everyone on Creativebug.  An inspirational resource for DIY, crafters, and makers, Creativebug features more than 1,000 award-winning art and craft video classes taught by recognized design experts and artists. You can take … Read more

Tech Tips: How to scan a QR code (plus, how to print from a smartphone at the library)

Printing sign with QR code sitting in front of printers at the Main Library

By Digital Learning Specialist Amelia You probably have seen them somewhere by now, black and white square or circular barcode images—known as QR codes (short for Quick Response codes)—on contactless menus, advertisements, and even as a form of payment around the world. But what are QR codes? These barcode images are readable by digital devices—like … Read more

Access news online for free with your library card

Robert Kelly and grandsons sit in chairs in the Main Library Children's Area

When Robert Kelly (pictured above with his grandsons) was working in the software industry, he subscribed widely to magazines and newspapers from around the country. “I like to be able to read a lot,” he told us. “Because there’s so much going on in the world, I like to have a variety of opinions.” After … Read more

Tech Tips: How to use the scanner at the library

Scan station at the library

By Health & Senior Services Librarian Rose Barnes Did you know? You can scan documents for free at any Oak Park library location. Scan equipment is available on the Main Library’s third floor and at the Maze and Dole branches. Using the scanner, you can send your scan to copy (print), fax, email, save to … Read more

Tech Tips (Smartphone Series): How do I share this? Identifying the share icon

Three different share icons

By Amy Hofmockel, Creative Technology Librarian When using apps or programs you may come across an image, article, or link that you want to share with someone else. You could copy the media and paste it into an email to send to the recipient. But, most apps actually have a special feature that will take care … Read more

Tech Tips: How to use keyboard shortcuts (beyond cut, copy & paste)

Close up of computer keyboard keys

By Digital Learning Specialist Amelia You might be familiar with the keyboard shortcuts to copy, cut, and paste (and if you’re not, check step-by-step instructions on how to use these shortcuts in Microsoft Word and on your smartphone). But did you know that there are more keyboard shortcuts you can use to navigate your computer … Read more

Tech Tips: Introducing the Media Preservation Station

Media Preservation Station

By Supervising Librarian of Creative Technology John Gargiulo Have VHS tapes, cassette tapes, or film negatives you’d like to digitize and preserve? The library’s new Media Preservation Station has equipment to help you do just that. Located on the third floor of the Main Library in the Creative Studio, the station provides a VCR, a cassette player, and … Read more

Tech Tips: What is a URL?

Laptop sitting on kitchen table

By Amelia, Digital Learning Specialist Have you ever wondered what the letters “URL” mean or seen the phrase “follow this link for more information”? Maybe you’ve seen a URL or a website link in advertisements or on event flyers, product information, or even the news. In this Tech Tip, we’ll cover what URLs are and … Read more

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