Community Donation Collection Box Requests

The Oak Park Public Library provides limited areas for donation collection containers/boxes sponsored by community organizations, groups, or individuals to serve the needs of community members.

Thank you for your interest in partnering with the library! To request the library host a collection box for charitable donations, please fill out the form below.  

As it relates to this partnership, please note:

  • Library staff are responsible for following up with requesting partners to schedule dates to host collection boxes, providing space and an appropriate box for collecting donations at one of our three library locations, and sharing information about your organization/ collection project with our patrons (including signs and other communications, as appropriate). The library is not responsible for monitoring, maintaining, or emptying items in collection boxes or preventing library patrons from taking items from the box. 
  • Hosting a box/container for collecting donations does not imply endorsement by library staff or the Board of Library Trustees of any product, service, activity, event, or viewpoint. Decisions regarding the frequency and number of collection boxes hosted by the library in a given period will be decided by library staff.
  • Community partners are responsible for monitoring their collection box throughout their collection period, emptying them when they are full, and picking up all donations by the end of the scheduled collection period. Failure to monitor/maintain boxes and pick up donations in a timely manner may result in a loss of hosting privileges in the future and/or removal of the collection box. 

Request placement of a community collection box