Civic Engagement

Civic engagement and literacy includes having the knowledge and skills to participate effectively in civic life, such as how to stay informed, understand governmental processes, and exercise your citizenship rights and obligations at local, state, national, and global levels. Need help with a particular issue? Our librarians use their research skills and local expertise to find and share fact-based information. Ask us anything » 

Evaluate sources of news & information

Teaching people how to be better consumers of information is the fundamental task at the heart of our profession. Stay informed »

Be a part of the political process

Become an election judge, run for local office, and get a referendum on the ballot. Let’s get started »

Understanding legalese and completing legal forms can be tricky. Explore resources to help you navigate legal forms and find answers »

Learn about Oak Park

Want to learn more about where you live? Find out more and sign up for »

Stay current on news and new arrivals.

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