Need help with school research projects? Library resources to the rescue: ScienceFlix & National Geographic Kids (Part 4)

By Children’s Librarian Eileen Saam 

This school year, use your library card to access more than books. The library has many subscription-based resources that are helpful for school projects and assignments. 

In my previous posts in this series, I highlighted CultureGrams, National Geographic Kids, AtoZ Maps Online, AtoZ World Culture, African-American History, and American Indian History.

All of these subscription-based resources, plus many more, can be found on the Research and Learn page on the library’s website.

ScienceFlix site shown on a desktop, laptop, and tablet


Next up: ScienceFlix, another wonderful subscription-based resource for elementary and middle school students. 

Need an idea for a school science project? With ScienceFlix, you can browse by topic or search for keywords to find topics to explore for your research project. Available topics include:

  • Earth, space, and life science concepts
  • Health and the human body
  • Physical science
  • Tech, math, and engineering concepts

Scienceflix allows you to explore science concepts and ideas through hands-on projects, activities, and experiments, and through videos, multiple text types, and interactive features. 

Interested in careers in science? Learn about the many different science careers and what scientists study in those fields. Did you know that scientists who study birds are called ornithologists and scientists who study reptiles and amphibians are called herpetologists? Find out what it takes to be an astronomer or a paleontologist or what careers in science are open to you if you love math!  

Teachers and parents can access a wealth of resources and tools, including lesson plans, quizzes, projects, downloadables, videos, and other media.

National Geographic Kids website display on laptop screen

National Geographic Kids

Another great subscription-based resource that is available to you as an Oak Park library cardholder is National Geographic Kids. I recommended this resource in Part 1 of this series, and because it’s so amazing, I’m recommending it again!

National Geographic Kids is a valuable library resource for primary, upper elementary, and middle school students to explore information about science, nature, culture, archaeology, and space. 

Access more than 3,000 National Geographic Kids magazines and over 700 ebooks across a wide range of reading levels and topics:

  • Do you love Weird But True Books? Find them on National Geographic Kids!
  • Do you love animals? National Geographic Kids has a fantastic number of magazines and books about animals found all over the globe.

Would you like to learn more about ancient cultures? Are you interested in extreme weather? Go on exciting adventures with National Geographic Kids as you explore topics on animals, the environment, history, peoples and culture, places, science, and technology.

Find a variety of high-quality videos, pictures, and informational texts as well. National Geographic Kids is a fantastic resource that is packed with high-quality content. 

I am happy to recommend both National Geographic Kids and ScienceFlix this school year for school research projects and simply for fun exploration. All you need is your library card and a computer! 

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