Let’s pick the best, together!

Calling all readers of popular adult fiction: Here’s our twist (and attempt to have some fun in the time of coronavirus) based on the (sadly, postponed) NCAA March Madness college basketball competition. Are you ready?

It’s Book Madness!

Our friendly competition pits books against books. And it’s your votes, not free throws or three-pointers, that determine the champion.

Book Madness: Elite 8 Bracket

To start, pictured above are 16 of Oak Park’s most popular (and most borrowed) titles from 2019. What’s the best? Who should win? Well, we’re all deciding, together!

Thanks for voting in Round 1! Round 2 voting begins now and ends at 12 pm on Monday.

Can you get all your neighbors and friends to vote? Yes, please! Can you vote more than once? That’s up to you!

Thanks for playing, and good luck. May the best book win!


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