Let’s talk about bodies & puberty: Books, Discovery Kits & web resources for grade schoolers & caregivers

By Hal, Rainbow Services Librarian

Developing accurate and affirming language to name the parts of our bodies and understanding how bodies change as we age is an important skill for young people to learn. Not only is it a matter of physical health, but it also provides young people with better tools to advocate for themselves and set boundaries.

Unfortunately, in our education about bodies, we are often taught language that excludes transgender and intersex folks in our communities, particularly when we make binary distinctions about what “boys’ bodies” and “girls’ bodies” are supposed to look like.

Starting a conversation about bodies and puberty may feel intimidating and embarrassing, but you don’t have to do it alone! Find some resources to help below.

Titles to read

Discovery Kits to check out

Web resources to explore

  • Every Body Curious: This web series, created and hosted by experts in sexual health education, introduces young people to topics including body image, puberty, and consent.
  • The Gender Unicorn: This free tool is great for facilitating creative conversations about bodies, gender, and sex.
  • interACT: Learn more about intersex identities through interACT, an advocacy organization for intersex youth. Their website is full of great resources, including videos of intersex folks sharing their stories.
  • Queer Kid Stuff: This affirming web series includes fun and informative videos about identity, bodies, and consent.
Rainbow Services Librarian Hal

About Hal

Hal is a children’s librarian who specializes in serving LGBTQ+ young people and their allies. He is passionate about identity exploration through collaborative storytelling and imaginative play.