All about astrology: A virtual tutorial, books & more

By Hal, Rainbow Services Librarian

Astrology and astronomy are similar words that are easy to confuse!

Both relate to space and the universe, but astronomy is a branch of science, and astrology is an interpretation of the movements of the stars, planets, and other celestial bodies. Back in September, Children’s Librarian Genevieve Grove shared books and online resources related to astronomy.

While not related to science, astrology is an ever-popular topic and a fun way to explore identity. Want to learn more about astrology?

Check out our virtual tutorial

The astrology virtual tutorial is available on-demand, so you can explore it whenever you like! In it, you’ll also find book recommendations and other activities to try. Just click the play button on this page to get started!

Borrow these books

Check out these fiction and graphic novel especially for stargazers and fans of astrology:

Rainbow Services Librarian Hal

About Hal

Hal is a children’s librarian who specializes in serving LGBTQ+ young people and their allies. He is passionate about identity exploration through collaborative storytelling and imaginative play.