One-on-one tech help: ‘This has been so freeing’

A few years ago, Sharon Eckhoff inherited a Mac laptop from her son. She loves pretty much everything about it, including the sensory feel of typing on it. 

“It’s a pleasure to work with the darn thing,” she told us.

However, she realized earlier this year that, to keep up with her online courses in Vedic astrology, she needed more storage and software updates. She needed a new computer. 

Frustratingly, the new computer she purchased was not a Mac. And for someone who’s used to one, a PC can be a whole different world. Eckhoff had to adjust, and she needed help.

Tailored tech guidance, drop-in or by appointment

At the library, we are committed to preparing people for continuously changing technology. Among other things, we offer free printing, digital learning workshops, and a new Creative Studio.

We also offer one-on-one help, including monthly Tech Help Drop-In workshops and, by appointment, Learning Labs. Learning Labs are scheduled sessions in which you can get guidance on a technical topic directly from a library staff member.

“Having things explained in a variety of ways until the content clicks for me is fantastic,” Eckhoff said. Her Learning Lab sessions with Digital Learning Specialist Amelia allowed her to progress at her own speed, work on the exact things she needed, and free her from “being a burden in other relationships,” she said. 

While she still uses her Mac when she can, Eckhoff said the Learning Labs helped her deal with “all the surprises and the learning curves.”

And she’s since come to terms with the PC: “I have learned to manage this beast!”