BingePass: A new way to explore online content on Hoopla

With Hoopla‘s new BingePass and your Oak Park library card, you can get unlimited streaming for seven days with a single borrow! Let’s get started…

How do I use BingePass?

Watch the video below for an overview of how to use BingePass.

Please note: The video shows how to access BingePass using an iPhone. For instructions on accessing Hoopla using an Android device or in a browser on your desktop/laptop, see How do I borrow a BingePass? below.

What kind of content can I borrow with a BingePass?

The new BingePass includes unlimited access to:

For all ages

  • Curiosity Stream: Watch thousands of documentaries and nonfiction series spanning topics like science, nature, society, lifestyle, and even children’s content.
  • Hoopla Magazines: Read the current issue of 50 popular magazines for all ages and interests, such as Elle, Fast Company, HGTV, Men’s Health, Popular Mechanics, Runner’s World, Time for Kids, Woman’s Day, and more.

For adults & teens

For kids

  • New! Cuentos para ninos en espanol: Learn Spanish with this collection of books written primarily for kindergarteners to third graders. These books are a good entry point for young readers and those new to Spanish.
  • New! Growing Up: Social Emotional Learning for Kids: Give your kids an advantage with these stories about handling emotions, responsibility, and more.
  • Hellosaurus: Be the center of favorite shows—like The Wiggles, Love, Diana, and more popular titles—with this interactive and educational video app (available on iOS and Android devices) designed by early childhood experts.
  • The Highlights Collection: Enjoy more than 200 multimedia series—including the Timbertoes, Listen & Learn, Tex and Indi, and Ask Arizona—from the publishers of the award-winning magazine.
  • Kids’ Books in Action: Watch videos of favorite picture books—including classic bedtime stories, nursery rhymes, and new favorites—come to life with animated illustrations and narrated audio.
  • Kids Vids: Explore a collection of movies and TV series covering animals, inspirational children in history, and the planet, plus a how-to-draw animals series!
  • New! Learn About the World: People, Places, and Holidays: Make a big world a little smaller with carefully selected, kid-friendly books about family, holidays, famous athletes, and other countries.
  • Read-Along 2 Learn: Explore books—with topics like sports, animals, emotions, STEM, and more—independently or with narrator support and word highlighting, at their own pace.
  • New! The Reading Corner: Hear stories read out loud and brought to life with illustrations and music. The collection includes more than 500 videos in English and Dutch with more coming in Arabic, Moroccan, Spanish, and Turkish.
  • New! STEAM Powered Kids: Fuel the passion for all things STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) with engaging books for kindergartners to preteens.

And stay tuned for more BingePasses to come!

How does it work?

After you borrow a BingePass, you can access the content immediately. To access the content again, you can find your BingePass in the Borrowed section of My Hoopla.

Once you’ve borrowed a BingePass, you’ll be logged into the BingePass partner website or app where you can explore all they offer, directly through their platform.

Want to start again? When your borrow period is up, you can borrow the same BingePass again.

How do I borrow a BingePass?

Follow these instructions, depending on your device:

  • iOS devices: In the bottom bar of the app, select the More button. If it is not already selected, tap the BingePasses tab at the top of the screen.
  • Android devices: At the top of the main screen in the app, you’ll see a set of buttons featuring the types of content available (e.g., Audiobooks, Comics, Ebooks, etc.). Swipe to the left to show more options, and BingePasses will be the last button in the row.
  • In a browser: Find BingePasses under the Browse menu or by visiting the BingePass page with this link »
  • All devices: Use the search bar to search for “BingePass.”

Once you have located the BingePass collections, select the collection you’d like to borrow a BingePass for and press the Borrow button.

Can’t find BingePasses in your app? Try updating your Hoopla app and then following the directions above.

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