Celebrating civic life, liberties, libraries for everyone

All summer long, we have been cheering and proclaiming the message that “Libraries are for everyone!”

As your public library, we are for everyone because we are committed to encouraging the contributions of all people, regardless of race, color, ethnicity, ancestry, national origin, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital and/or familial status, mental and/or physical impairment and/or disability, military status, economic status, political affiliation, or any of the other distinguishing characteristics that all too often divide people in society.

The message “Libraries are for everyone,” which we’ve also adopted for this summer’s Idea Box installation and the summer cover of our quarterly magazine The Storyline, comes from blogger Rebecca McCorkindale, a librarian and designer who created iconic posters that have since been recreated and translated into more than 80 languages, as Corkindale encourages everyone to modify and share her work.

Graphic featuring a man and a woman sharing ideas, a woman holding a laptop featuring a financial graph, a man in a wheel chair looking at a tablet with coding on the screen, and an older man reading to a younger girl.

Oak Park now has its own “Libraries are for everyone” graphics (pictured here) that represent the four literacies core to library services and resources: civic, financial, digital, and early childhood. We believe these literacies are where we can have its deepest community impact—at the intersections of library core strengths and community aspirations. Learn more »