The Great Courses: Lifelong learning & enrichment through audio and video

Aimed at lifelong learners, The Great Courses is a series of college-level courses designed to deliver high-quality learning experiences outside of a lecture hall. And you can get them on demand through your digital library!

Through digital audio and video, you can pursue lifelong learning and personal enrichment in science, history, literature, religion, and more, with no tests or homework.

Watch & learn on Kanopy

Kanopy is known for high-quality video content—feature films, documentaries, educational videos, and TV shows. It also offers more than 800 video courses in The Great Courses series. You can watch them on demand, with no waiting. And they don’t count against your monthly limit of 20 items on Kanopy.

A sampling of video courses:

  • How to Draw
  • Fundamentals of Photography II
  • The Skeptic’s Guide to American History
  • The Everyday Gourmet: Rediscovering the Lost Art of Cooking
  • Nuclear Physics Explained

Listen & learn on Hoopla

Hoopla offers ebooks, music, audiobooks, and more with no waiting periods. That includes 38 audiobooks in The Great Courses series, instantly available to stream and download.

A sampling of audio courses:

  • Mind-Body Philosophy
  • Exploring Metaphysics
  • The Irish Identity
  • Cities of the Ancient World
  • The Surveillance State: Big Data, Freedom, and You