Exploring tarot: A new monthly meet-up & virtual tutorial

By Hal, Rainbow Services Librarian

Tarot is a journey. The cards of the major arcana in the Rider-Waite deck—the most commonly seen deck in the English-speaking world, but there are others!—depict the story of the youthful fool setting off on an adventure where they will encounter new people, face great challenges, and discover more about themself.

Learning tarot is a journey too, one that begins with all the excitement and potential of the fool, whether you are looking for a creative tool, a practice for self-reflection, or a fun hobby. Like the fool, you also can meet new people to help you as you embark on your learning adventure.

Bring your favorite deck & join us for a Virtual Tarot Meetup

First virtual meetup: Wednesday, September 8, 6-7 pm (ages 12+)

People of all experience levels (even if you’ve never tried tarot before) are welcome to join our tarot journey. Once a month, we will get together to discuss cards, explore spreads, and learn from one another.

Book clubs are the inspiration for our tarot meetup. At a book club, participants discuss their experiences with a shared story—what they liked (or didn’t like), what themes they noticed, and what they thought of the author’s writing. Instead of books, we’ll discuss tarot.

Like a book club, you don’t need to be an expert to join. We’ll all bring our own experiences and ideas to share knowing that every deck is different, and we all have our own reasons for exploring tarot. This is a group for sharing, not a professional tarot reading or a class taught by experts.

Grab your deck or use a digital deck (find one in the free Labyrinthos app, available for iOS and Android) and join us!

Brand new to tarot? Try this virtual tutorial

Looking for a place to get started before the meetup? Check out our virtual tutorial for books, videos, and more resources. Just press the play button to get started!

Rainbow Services Librarian Hal

About Hal

Hal is a children’s librarian who specializes in serving LGBTQ+ young people and their allies. He is passionate about identity exploration through collaborative storytelling and imaginative play.