Let’s explore the Library of Things

By Health & Senior Services Librarian Rose Barnes

February has historically been one of my least favorite months. It’s cold, dark, and often wet, but I’ve been trying to find new ways to occupy my time and help me get through the winter.

One way I’ve been doing this is through the new Library of Things collection. Have you checked it out? 

The Library of Things is a new collection of physical objects

All you need is an Oak Park library card to check out items from this collection.

Items are broken up into four categories

  • Do It Yourself (DIY): For creating, crafting, and home improvement. Includes a wall stud finder, laser level, electric drill, sewing machine, and embroidery machine.
  • Entertainment: For fun at gatherings and block parties as well as with individual interests and hobbies. Includes a karaoke machine, projector screen, and telescope.
  • Outdoor: For recreation and gardening. Includes tennis rackets, bocce ball game set, tiller, and utility wagon.
  • Technology: For creating and connecting with electronics. Includes laptops loaded with creative suite software, WiFi hotspots, projectors, and GoPro action cameras.

Here are some of my favorite things

Bocce ball set: A great way to play a new (or maybe not new to you) game without having to buy a new set!

Canopy tent: There are so many great games in the outdoor category, but I’m partial to this canopy tent. Use it to keep your guests out of the sun at your next tailgate party or backyard BBQ.

Galaxy projector: This little device can project galaxies onto any space while also playing music–might be nice for a cozy winter night in or a themed party.

Milwaukee cordless drill set: Need a drill but don’t want to buy one? This drill set comes with two different drills, battery packs, and a charger. Use it to get projects done without spending a fortune on a new drill.

Oral history recording kit: The oral history recording kit is one of my favorites in this collection. It comes with an iPod, microphone, headphones, recording instructions, and discussion prompts. Use it to record a conversation, story, or interview and either send it to yourself or upload it to our Oak Park Oral History Project

Small folding table: This small folding table might not seem like the most exciting thing in the collection, but it’s a hidden gem! Bring it along on a picnic or trip to Ravinia.

Telescope: A free telescope from the library? Yes, please! I’m going to check this out for my next camping trip and do some stargazing.

Universal travel adapter: As someone who travels a lot a universal travel adapter is a game changer! This adapter works in over 200 countries and is conveniently small and portable. 

Ready to get started? Explore all there is to check out from the Library of Things and how to do it »

About Rose

Rose is an Adult Services Librarian specializing in health and senior services. She is a passionate reader, baker, and explorer who is always planning her next adventure.