Identity & coming out: Books, an event & a new on-demand virtual book club for grade schoolers

October 11 is National Coming Out Day in the United States. Inaugurated in 1988, National Coming Out Day is a day to promote education, activism, and community for LGBTQIA+ people.

For some people, sharing their identity with friends, family, and community can be empowering and affirming. However, coming out can also be scary or even dangerous, particularly for young people who rely on the support of their caregivers. Everyone deserves to choose if, when, and how they come out.

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Books are a great way to start a conversation about love and identity. If you’re looking for more support, check out our Social Emotional Learning Kit about Gender Identity.

Explore a new virtual tutorial: Book Club on Demand: 'Tegan & Sara: Junior High'

Read and discuss Tegan and Sara: Junior High, an autobiographical graphic novel about a pair of twins surviving the 7th grade at a new school. This on-demand virtual book discussion guide provides discussion questions and links to music by Tegan and Sara. Click the play button to get started!

Attend an event

Breaking the Binary: Unlearning & Disrupting Transphobia in Daily Life
Tuesday, October 17, 5-7 pm, Main Library

Join the Oak Park Public Library and District 97's DivCo for an interactive workshop about unlearning and disrupting transphobia facilitated by About Face Theatre. This program is for students in grades 3-8, caregivers, and educators. Register now »

Rainbow Services Librarian Hal

About Hal

Hal is a children’s librarian who specializes in serving LGBTQ+ young people and their allies. He is passionate about identity exploration through collaborative storytelling and imaginative play.