What’s new for kids: Playaway Launchpads

Playaway Launchpads are tablets pre-loaded with high-quality learning apps and games for kids ages preschool through fifth grade. No ads. No download time. No need for internet access. Available at all locations.

Children can create a personal avatar and choose their own adventures. From math and science to reading and music, launchpads are 100% secure, designed to ensure that children are not exposed to unintended content.

Before you get started, please note:

  • All cardholders registered with us can check out launchpads for use inside the library (up to two hours).
  • Oak Park Public Library cardholders can check out launchpads to take with them (up to three weeks).
    • Each comes with an AC adapter and USB cord to charge them outside the library.
    • You will also need to fill out the Device Checkout Agreement Form in person if you haven’t already.
  • Topics and suggested age ranges of pre-loaded content vary; it all depends on where you check out your playaway. See below for more details on what is available where.

Available at the Children’s Services desk for in-the-library use

  • Ages 3+
    • Ready Spaghetti (kindergarten readiness)
    • I Know, Dino (dinosaurs and preschool learning fun)
    • Read in English. Read in Spanish (language learning)
  • Ages 5+ 
    • Math Marvel (math superpack)
    • My Brave Life (life skills)
  • Ages 8+
    • Compose Pack (creativity, self-expression)

Available at the Main Library Lobby desk to take with you

Available at Maze Branch for in-the-library use

  • Ages 3+
    • Emotions of Mine (life skills)
    • Meow the Cow (animals, reading and math)

Available at Maze Branch to take with you

Available at Dole Branch for in-the-library-use

  • Ages 3+: Everyday Adventures (life skills)
  • Ages 8+: Sound Evidence (STEAM superpack) 

Available at Dole Branch to take with you

  • Ages 3+: Read in English. Read in Spanish (language learning)
  • Ages 5+: My Brave Life (life skills)