Virtual Meeting Spaces

Zoom on laptop



  • Oak Park Public Library cardholders 18 years or older can reserve virtual meeting space.
  • Anyone with the Zoom link, up to 300 participants, can join.



  • Events permitted: educational, cultural, political, civic, or charitable.
  • Events not permitted: commercial educational presentations, selling or buying of goods or services, soliciting donations, or charging fees, either prior to a reservation or on the day of your meeting. Read the Meeting Spaces policy »

About promotion

  • The library does not promote virtual meeting room rentals. On your own promotional materials:
    • Do use your own organization/organizer contact information (your website, your email, your phone number).
    • Do not use the library logo or phone number as a point of contact for more information.

Support from library staff

  • Fifteen minutes before the meeting start time, a library staff member will share a brief introduction of Zoom with the meeting host.
  • If you choose, you can also schedule a learning session with library staff to understand more about how Zoom works. Just let us know!
  • Library staff will leave your meeting once it starts but will be available for support should any technical issues arise.