Payment & Use Procedures

Reserving a space at the Oak Park Public Library? Here’s what you need to know about using, paying for (for-profits only), and setting up the space, plus more procedures related to your reservation.


  • Groups can make up to 24 reservations each year.
  • For Oak Park Public Library cardholders, meeting spaces may be reserved up to four months in advance.
  • For all other library cardholders, meeting spaces may be reserved up to one month in advance.
  • Reservations are only available for open library building hours.
  • No one is allowed inside the building before or after hours. Building open and close times are prompt. 
  • We suggest meetings begin 30 minutes after the building opens, and end 30 minutes before the building closes.
  • Repeated cancellations or unused reservations may result in future denial of meeting space use.

Payment (for-profits only)


  • The Main Library underground parking garage offers two hours of free parking and is elevator accessible. The entrance is locked when the Main Library is closed. The kiosk accepts cash and credit cards. Rates are two-three hours: $1; three-four hours: $5; four-six hours: $10; six-12 hours: $20.
  • Dole Branch and Maze Branch offer street parking. Please remember to check signs for local parking restrictions.


  • Requests are made in the online reservation process.
  • Library staff can provide minimal assistance with library equipment.
  • Library staff cannot move materials or provide supplies.
    • Groups must provide their own nametags, paper, writing utensils, eating utensils, cups, etc.
  • Groups cannot store anything in the library.

Space set up

  • If reservations are made less than 48 in advance, we cannot guarantee your custom space set up.
  • Requests are made at the time the reservation is requested.
  • At the Main Library:
    • All tables and chairs must be contained in the meeting rooms themselves.
    • Any changes to a confirmed reservation (setup, equipment, attendees, etc.) must be made no less than one week before the meeting or event.
  • At the branches, renters arrange tables and chairs to their preference.


  • Confirmed meeting space rentals display on the library’s online calendar and are listed by the organization name listed in the reservation.
  • Groups may share paper flyers for community board postings.
    • Please use your own organization/organizer contact information—such as your website, your email, and your phone number—as well as the library building’s street address and floor/room name of the space you are renting.
    • Do not use the library logo or the library telephone number as a point of contact.

Food & beverages

  • You may bring food and non-alcoholic beverages into meeting spaces. Heating sources such as hot plates or Sterno are prohibited.
  • Library staff cannot assist caterers.