Get moving! At-home activities & videos for early learners

By Shelley Harris, Children’s Librarian

Who else is watching the Winter Olympics? I love my regular dive back into curling, which always feels like such a fun, accessible and possible sport to play. I also love figure skating, which is less accessible, even when I try to do Ridgeland Common’s noon skates!

But whatever the sport on my screen, it gets me interested in moving and being active. Movement is not only beneficial for learning but also for mental health. Ready to get moving? Find videos and activities to enjoy together below!

Watch these videos

Check out these play and movement-themed videos Jenny and I have made.

Move your ABCs! How can you act out something for each letter of Bingo’s name?

Dance while you make a banana snack!

Build dance or movement breaks into your day

When we feel stressed, tired, and overwhelmed, moving is often the last thing we want to do. So of course it’s one of the quickest ways to feel better and more grounded.

If you can build dance or movement moments into the existing schedule of your day, you and your child will both benefit. On days when everyone is grumpy or no one wants to listen, movement breaks are especially key! 

Try these activities

Need some movement break ideas? We’ve got you covered. 

Get silly and just move! Your kids will love sharing it with you. 

Shelley Harris

About Shelley

Shelley is a children’s librarian with a passion for early literacy, serving and celebrating the disability community, and exploring technology. She can often be found practicing storytime songs with her black lab, Bingo.