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  • In 2014, the Village of Oak Park published “Envision Oak Park: A Comprehensive Plan for the Oak Park Community (pdf).” The 243-page document represents the collective effort of the Oak Park community to define a vision for the future and identify the actions to be taken to realize that vision.
  • Oak Park residents interested in details of their Oak Park properties have a new online resource available through a Community Portal brought to you by the Village of Oak Park. Just by entering an address into the portal search window on a computer, tablet, or smartphone, users can link to a wide range of property-specific information, including zoning details, refuse collection dates, a list of elected officials at all levels, and more.
  • Anyone interested in learning more about securing a mortgage and buying their first home is invited to attend a free seminar held 6-8 pm the fourth Tuesday of each month at Village Hall, 123 Madison St. A wide range of related topics is addressed, including the steps in the home-buying process and financing options. The seminars are made possible through the Village of Oak Park‘s partnership with the HUD-certified counseling agency West Cook Homeownership Center. For more information, call 708.887.5187 or email info@westcookhomeownership.org.

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