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Every Oak Park resident, student, educator, and business owner has access to their public library services and resources. What you sign up for depends on the type of access you want: instant (digital-only) or complete (library card).

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Instant access (digital-only)

Don’t have an Oak Park account or card yet? Want to use digital resources only? Sign up now »

Complete access (library card)

Want complete access from the start? Or to convert your digital-only account? Whether signing up for the first time or converting, here’s what to do:

  1. Contact us or visit a library location in person.
  2. Share your photo ID and proof of your Oak Park residency or employment (see below).
  3. Receive or pick up your card in the Main Library Lobby or at the Maze or Dole branches. If you prefer, we will mail your card out to you via the United States Postal Service’s first-class mail.

What can I do with my card? 

More about photo IDs & proof of Oak Park residency or employment

Oak Park residents

  • Age 18 years or older: You’ll need a current photo ID (driver’s license, state ID, passport) and proof of Oak Park residency (utility bill or recently postmarked mail). These cards never expire.
  • Younger than age 18: Babies, toddlers and kids can get a card when a parent or guardian present a current photo ID and proof of Oak Park residency. These cards never expire.

Oak Park educators

All Oak Park schools, daycares, teachers, teaching assistants, and school and daycare staff are eligible!

  • More about instant accounts vs. full benefits with a card: Oak Park educators can apply for instant digital access using their school/work address, and their school/work email to register. However, digital accounts don’t give immediate access to physical material (holds or checkouts).
  • So the best option for an educator needing access to all resource types (digital and physical) is to register for an educator card, the quickest way being to visit the library with a photo ID and proof of employment (such as a school ID). Once registered for an educator card, they can also call 708.383.8200 to renew each year.

Oak Park business owners, nonprofits & employees

  • Owners can apply with a lease or a tax bill and a current photo ID. Employees can provide current proof of employment and contact information for the business or nonprofit owner (who will be responsible for any fees or lost materials). These cards have a one-year expiration from issue date but may be renewed. Call 708.383.8200 to renew.

Not an Oak Park resident, educator, or business owner? We’re still here for you!

Libraries are for everyone! Contact us now to ask us anything! And, keep in mind…

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