Black history in the making in the Idea Box

Children point to items on display in February's Idea Box exhibit, "The Work": Black History Museum

By Kristen Romanowski, Staff Writer & Editor Juanta Griffin was in third grade at Longfellow Elementary School when her teacher, Mrs. Simmons, turned her onto Eyes on the Prize. Griffin says it was this PBS series, which chronicled the civil rights movement from the perspective of ordinary people, that first opened her eyes and drove … Read more

Idea Box

Located just inside the entrance of the Main Library, this 9×13 space is always changing. It is typically curated by Multicultural Coordinator Juanta Griffin ( and additional members of the Community Engagement Team. Designed both for and with community, the Idea Box space exists to empower voices and to provide historically, intentionally, and traditionally marginalized … Read more

Honoring Asian American, Native Hawaiian & Pacific Islander heritage

Collage of book covers

Your public library is here to connect you with books, online resources, and learning experiences that honor Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander history and culture all year long. On this page, you can: The month of May is officially proclaimed as Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Heritage Month by the White House but … Read more

Supporting the freedom to read

All across the United States, there is an unprecedented campaign to censor books in school and public libraries. In March, the American Library Association (ALA) reported that 2022 saw the highest number of attempted book bans in 20 years, nearly double the number in 2021. “Overwhelmingly, we’re seeing these challenges come from organized censorship groups … Read more

Celebrating Arab American heritage

A collage of Arab American titles on a green and gold background

Your public library is here to connect you with books, online resources, and learning experiences that celebrate Arab American history and culture all year long. On this page, you can: The month of April was officially designated as Arab American Heritage Month in Illinois in December 2018. Read the proclamation » Title suggestions for all … Read more

Connecting you to Black history, then & now

A collage of Black History Month book covers

Your public library is here to connect us with each other through books, resources, and experiences that celebrate Black history and culture. Browse titles we suggest More librarian-curated reading lists Ebooks, digital audiobooks, movies & more View special exhibits, documentary film screening ‘The Work’: Black History Museum in the Idea BoxAll February on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, … Read more

Honoring MLK Day: Activities, books, resources & more

Artistic rendering of Martin Luther King Jr. with an American flag in the background

Honor the memory of Martin Luther King Jr. as a day on, not a day off on Monday, January 16. Below find title suggestions, online resources, and more to celebrate the life and legacy of one of the best-known leaders of the civil rights movement. And, yes, we’re open! The Main Library and Maze Branch … Read more

Holidays Around the World

A collage of library staff and family members celebrating the holidays

From Diwali celebrations to Brazilian New Year, Oak Park library staff love sharing their own winter holiday traditions with you in our annual—and now virtual, on-demand—Holidays Around the World! In addition to stories, videos, and photos, you’ll find related music, games, and stories for families to explore. Click the play button below to start celebrating … Read more

Honoring Transgender Day of Remembrance

Transgender Day of Remembrance Idea Box display in the Main Library

Extended: ‘Gender Is a Galaxy, Gender Is a Weapon’ This Idea Box exhibit has been extended to hold space for mourning and to honor the victims of the shooting that took place on November 19 at Club Q, an LGBTQ Nightclub in Colorado Springs. One day before Transgender Day of Remembrance, a shooter attacked Club … Read more

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