Tech Tips: How to find a digital newspaper or magazine

By John Gargiulo, Supervising Librarian of Creative Technology

Your Oak Park Public Library card gives you access to thousands of digital newspapers and magazines. Different streaming apps like PressReader, Flipster, and Libby all provide access to digital newspapers and magazines. So what is the best way to start when you’re looking for your favorites?

  • Want to just browse? Check out the Newspapers page or Magazines page for a list of some of our most popular titles, sorted by subject.
  • Have a specific title in mind? The questions below will help you determine how to find the digital newspaper or magazine you are looking for.

1. Is it a magazine or a newspaper?

  • Magazines: Libby or Flipster would both be good places to start. While Media on Demand/Libby has access to more titles, Flipster has access to some popular titles like The Atlantic. Get more information and watch video tutorials to get started with Media on Demand/Libby and Flipster.
  • The New York Times, The Washington Post, or The Wall Street Journal: Full digital access to each paper’s website is available both inside library locations and remotely. On-site access is unlimited, and Oak Park library cardholders can get remote access for a set time using a digital code. Code expired? Request another and log back in.
  • Current national or international newspapers: PressReader is a good place to start. It includes 7,000 publications from around the world, in their original language and format. Get more information and read a tutorial »
  • Current local newspapers:
  • Not available from the sources listed above? Several other newspapers are available on the Newspapers page. Select the “current” link for recent articles and issues.

2. Not available from the above resources? Check the publication finder

  • If the publication is unavailable on PressReader, Flipster, Libby, or the Newspapers page: Check the publication finder to see if it is available through another online resource. You will need to log into the publication finder using your Oak Park library card number and PIN. 

3. No results in the publication finder? Search the library catalog

  • Does the publication still seem unavailable after checking the publication finder? Search the library catalog to see if a hard copy is available at another SWAN library. Other SWAN libraries will often lend copies of magazines other than the most recent issue.

4. Not available in the library catalog? Make a request!

  • Is the publication unavailable through other SWAN libraries? Interlibrary loan requests are fulfilled by a library outside of our library consortium and may be helpful for getting access to a particular article you are looking for. If the request can be fulfilled, articles can sometimes be shared with you via email. Make a request »

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