The Very Ready Reading Program

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The research-based Very Reading Reading Program is the foundation for all of our early learning programs.

It’s never too early to start sharing these seven simple ways to get children on the path to reading. Sharing books, songs, stories, words, rhymes, sounds, and play gives little ones the building blocks they need to learn how to read later.

It’s why we strategically support parents, caregivers, teachers, babies, toddlers, and preschoolers—with library-based resources and expertise as well as active community partnerships.

You can build reading and words into your daily routines and conversations by sharing one of these seven building blocks every day.

  • When children are used to hearing new words and know-how stories are told, reading books won’t be so overwhelming when they start school.
  • By using the words and stories all around us instead of flashcards, you will give your kids a better foundation to become readers when they are ready.