Apps for Self-Checkout & Account Access

You have two app options for in-the-library self-checkout. The SWAN Libraries App is the more comprehensive option. Meescan is the simple option, as it only offers self-checkout. Read more about functionality and how to get started below. Questions? Ask us anytime at

Self-checkout when inside the library with the SWAN Libraries App

To get started, search “SWAN Libraries App” in your app store. Available for Android and iOS.

Use the SWAN Libraries App to…

  • Self-checkout from anywhere inside the library from your mobile device. Tip: Be sure to scan the library bar code, not the publisher’s bar code.
  • Get fast access to downloadable and streaming resources.
  • See your checkout history.
  • Save and access linked family cards.
  • Scan and search ISBN barcodes.
  • See which SWAN libraries are near you.

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About SWAN

SWAN (System Wide Automated Network) is a large consortium of libraries mostly in Chicago’s western and southwestern suburbs. Learn more »

Use the Meescan app for self-checkout in the library

To find it, search “Meescan” in your app store. Available for Android and iOS.

Before you get started using the app, know that…

  • You can install the app from anywhere but are only able to sign in to the app when at the library.
    • The Meescan app must be activated in the library. Once you visit the library and use the app, it will not ask for a code.
    • After that, you can open the app at home, but it will say that “Checkout is only available while in the library and with location services enabled”. 
  • You must set the Meescan app to allow for location use.

Once in the library, use the Meescan self-checkout app to…

  • Check out items from anywhere in the library with the app on your mobile device.
  • Tip: Be sure to scan the library barcode, not the publisher’s barcode.

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