Holidays Around the World

From Diwali, Christmas, Hannukah, and Kwanzaa celebrations to the observance of the winter solstice, Oak Park library staff love sharing their own winter holiday traditions with you in our annual Holidays Around the World! In addition to stories, videos, and photos, you’ll find related music, games, stories, and recipes for families to explore. Click the play button below to start celebrating with us!

This year we have two new staff shares—including one from Mr. Joey, who you’ve met at the service desk in the Main Library Children’s Services area. His sense of humor and love for his family shines through!

Holidays Around the World offers kids a chance to see that even some people who celebrate the same holidays do it in different ways. And to learn that no matter how much they love their own family’s celebrations, other people’s ways are equally important to them. Realizing that is a powerful part of developing empathy.

Want more? Try these activities

View an in-library display: Coming later this month, see a special Holidays Around the World display in the Main Library Idea Box!

Listen to stories: Hear some of your favorite librarians read holiday books on Dial-a-Story. Plus, listen to stories that support big emotions, including three different kinds of mindful moments for stressful times, as well as books on kindness, sadness (because big excitements can lead to big emotional crashes!) and disappointments. Call 708.816.2800 to start listening and see the stories available this month »

Make this craft: Create paper snowflakes to celebrate winter with this template designed by Miss Margaret: Download the instructions (pdf) and the snowflake template (pdf) »

Watch seasonal videos: A new of collection of Early Bird Learner videos focuses on winter and autumn, with songs, science and nature activities, science, and book recommendations. Watch now »

More for adults: The holiday season can be both joyful and a stressful time of year. Health & Senior Services Librarian Rose Barnes shares some virtual and on-site resources and programs to help you prepare for and celebrate the season—and take care of yourself! See “7 ways to celebrate—and prepare for—the holiday season” »