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Call 708.816.2800 to start listening. Anyone can dial in, at any time and from anywhere!

Choose from a menu of unique stories, songs, poems, jokes, and more. Most stories are under five minutes, while most chapters are under 15 minutes. Content will change monthly to interest a wide variety of children up through elementary school.

To access this free, audio-only service, call 708.816.2800, then…

PressTo hearNarrated by
1Clemente! by Willie PerdomoJose
2The Gruffalo by Julia DonaldsonClare
3Players in Pigtails by Shana CoreyShelley
4Star Wars: I Am a Princess by Courtney CarboneShelley
5The Spring Book by Todd ParrShelley
6See You Soon by Mariame KabaMegha
7El Fuertecito Rojo by Brenda MaierNora
8Amor de Pelo by Matthew A CherryNora
9What Is a Refugee? by Elise GavelShelley
10Sam and Dave Dig a Hole by Mac BarnettClare
11It Was Supposed to Be Sunny by Samantha CotterilShelley

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