Adventure begins at your library: Digital audiobooks & adult summer reading

By Ian Gosse, Older Adult Services Librarian

June is Audiobook Appreciation Month

It seems like we have a month and/or week to celebrate just about everything these days. This month is Audiobook Appreciation Month, which covers one of my favorite pastimes.

I listen to audiobooks constantly—when I’m doing dishes, walking the dog, or drifting off to sleep (after setting a sleep timer on the audiobook of course). If you ever see me around town, please say hello, just know I might take a second to pause whatever book I’m working on first.

While physical books will always have that tactile enjoyment that can’t be found elsewhere, I love to hear the storytelling aspects that audiobook readers put into the work they are sharing.

The portability of audiobooks also makes them a great pick for an on-the-go summer. I can check out a book through the Libby app, download it onto my phone, plug in headphones, and I’ve got an excellent story with me wherever my day takes me.

Sign up for adult summer reading

Audiobooks are also a great way to fill your reading time into Beanstack, as part of our adult summer reading program. Anything you listen to or read counts towards badges to enter you in the end-of-summer prize drawing.

This year’s theme is “Adventure Begins at Your Library,” and everyone—no library card necessary—is invited to sign up through August 21. Using Beanstack, you can track your reading, activities you complete, and library events you attend this summer to earn badges for the duration of the program.

You also can get badges by taking a course through our online learning platforms, like Creativebug or LinkedIn Learning, or by attending one of our digital learning workshops.


Creativebug is a space with video instructions on a number of crafts, from knitting to origami. If you’re looking to pick up a new hobby this summer, this might be a great place to start.

Linkedin Learning

LinkedIn Learning is a similar space for learning but focused on technology and business-related lessons. If you finally want to learn how to get your finances into spreadsheets or make a PowerPoint presentation of your vacation photos, LinkedIn Learning can help you out.

Digital learning workshops

The library has some great upcoming events in the Main Library Creative Studio if you’re looking to improve your technology skills. Register now:

Older Adult Services Librarian Ian

About Ian

Ian is an Adult Services Librarian specializing in older adult services. You will often see him outside the library delivering items through the Home Delivery, riding the Book Bike, or tabling at an outreach event. Ian listens to a lot of audiobooks—mostly fantasy—and plays tabletop and video games.