Position Classification and Pay Policy

Library Board approved September 15, 2009.  Revised January 17, 2012. Revised December 16,2014, Revised October 20, 2015.

  1. All position descriptions except the position description for the Executive Director are drafted and approved by the Executive Director or designee. The position description for the position of Executive Director is approved by the Board of Library Trustees.
  2. The Salary Schedule provides a pay range for each position grade. Annual increases are suggested by the Administration during the budget approval process, approved by the Board of Library Trustees, and implemented in January. The Salary Schedule will be reviewed annually by the Executive Director and the Board of Library Trustees, taking into consideration the financial resources available to the Library, the consumer price index and business, government, and library labor marketplaces.
  3. The Executive Director is authorized to hire at a salary above the beginning of the pay range for a given position if there is adequate justification.
  4. The Oak Park Public Library work week begins at twelve noon on Sunday. There are two work weeks in each pay period, and paychecks are issued on alternate Fridays.

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