Introductory Period Policy

Library Board approved March 21, 2007, Revised July 19, 2011. Revised December 16, 2014.

  1. The Introductory Period is generally the first six months of an individual’s employment at the Oak Park Public Library.
  1. Eligible employees have benefits during this time period. Sick and vacation time will accrue during this period.  Per our policy, employees who have worked less than six months are not normally eligible to take paid vacation days or leave without pay. Exceptions may be made with supervisor approval.
  1. During this period, the Corrective Action Policy does not apply. An employee who decides to resign need not give two week notice; nor does a manager need to document performance deficiencies through the progressive disciplinary process.  Employees may be separated if they do not meet expectations.
  1. The Introductory Period may be extended if the employee is absent for a substantial portion or otherwise isn’t fully performing the duties of the position during this period. Written notice will be given if the Introductory Period is extended.

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