Electric Vehicle Charging Policy

Library Board approved December 19, 2023.

Prioritizing sustainability, the Oak Park Public Library promotes and encourages the use of electric vehicles (EV). As such, the library provides charging stations to give public access to electric energy to recharge plug-in electric vehicles.

The charging of electric vehicles shall be limited to charging station stalls only. Visitors may not use other electrical outlets in the library parking garage, or attached to the library building, to charge a vehicle.

Charging stations are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. The library does not guarantee the availability of charging stations.

Charging stations may only be used during library operating hours, and vehicles parked in the EV charging stalls must be actively charging. Vehicles not plugged in and charging, or that are in a charging station stall after the library’s operating hours, may be towed at the car owner’s expense.

EV charging station stalls may be closed for special event parking, maintenance, repair and construction. At least one charging station stall may be reserved for library owned and operated EVs.

The library recognizes that its staff members also may need to charge their personal EV while at work. Staff members must follow the rules set forth in this policy and may not use charging stations if their EV is charged enough to make it home or longer than two hours per day.

Users are assessed a charging fee at the time of use. The charging fee is subject to change at any time and without notice based on changing electricity fee rates.

Payments are made by credit card through the vendor’s website or app. Payments are processed by a third-party service provider. All disputes, refund requests, and service questions must be directed to the service provider.

Procedures to use the charging stations must be followed at all times. The library is not liable for personal property damage or personal injury as a result of using the equipment.

Use of the library’s charging stations acknowledges compliance with this policy.

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