Visiting the Main Library Children’s Services: A virtual tutorial for kids & families

By Children’s Librarian Shelley Harris

Sometimes kids and adults get nervous about visiting a new place for the first time. We get it! 

It can be useful to know what to expect before your first visit. With that in mind, we created a social narrative—available in multiple formats—about visiting the Children’s Services Area of the Main Library.

What is a social narrative?

Social narratives are photo-based stories that represent social situations and expectations. They are often created for kids who have autism but can be beneficial for anyone who would like to know what to expect in new situations. 

Explore the virtual tutorial

This social narrative gives families a chance to preview the Children’s Services area at the Main Library, see what fun things are waiting, and set expectations for experiences and behavior. Click the play button on this page to get started!

Download a PDF or pick up a print copy at the Main Library

The social narrative also is available to download as a PDF, or pick up a printed copy at the service desk in the Main Library Children’s Services area.

Send any questions to, and I can help you and your family get ready for your visit.

Shelley Harris

About Shelley

Shelley is a children’s librarian with a passion for early literacy, serving and celebrating the disability community, and exploring technology. She can often be found practicing storytime songs with her black lab, Bingo.