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Kid painting

Discover & explore for grade schoolers: Hands-on art

By Children's Librarian Shelley Harris There are so many reasons art is important, including that it can reduce stress and anxiety. What child or adult doesn’t need that during this ...
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Kid looking at anatomy on tablet

Discover & explore for grade schoolers: Let’s talk about bodies & puberty

By Children's Librarian Hal Patnott Developing accurate and affirming language to name the parts of our bodies and understanding the ways in which bodies change as we age is an ...
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Family using laptop

Discover & explore for grade schoolers: Create videos, podcasts, games & more

Reimagining how we use technology is very important for families today. Below you'll find equitable resources featuring safe and reliable tutorials that young adults and kids can use to make ...
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Child and adult playing ukulele

Discover & explore for grade schoolers: Hip-hop speaks to children

Have you checked out one of our Discovery Kits lately? One of the sections is Art and Music, which includes ukuleles you can borrow and bring home for three weeks ...
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