All about astrology: A virtual tutorial, books & more

Birth chart with cards featuring different phases of the moon and zodiac signs

By Children’s Librarian Hal Patnott Astrology and astronomy are similar words that are easy to confuse! Both relate to space and the universe, but astronomy is a branch of science, and astrology is an interpretation of the movements of the stars, planets, and other celestial bodies. Back in September, Children’s Librarian Genevieve Grove shared books and … Read more

Celebrating disability awareness: At-home activities & videos for early learners

Cartoon graphic of children of a group of children

By Children’s Librarian Shelley Harris October is the month especially set aside to celebrate and recognize various disabilities, including Augmentative and Alternative Communication Awareness Month, something dear to my heart as my brother uses a communication device to speak, and Down Syndrome Awareness Month, dear to Miss Jenny’s heart because of her niece. But that’s … Read more

The universe above our heads: At-home activities & books for grade schoolers

Telescope looking at the night sky

By Children’s Librarian Genevieve Grove The physical sciences study the non-living systems of our world, and astronomy expands that investigation into the universe! Galaxies, stars, planets—we want to know about their physics, their movement, their atmospheres. Just like Galileo Galilei, who turned his telescope towards the stars and recorded what he saw, you too can … Read more

We went to the zoo! At-home videos & activities for early learners

Miss Shelley, Ruthie, and Miss Jenny at the zoo

By Children’s Librarian Shelley Harris Throughout the month of June, all of our videos were filmed at Brookfield Zoo. We’ll be visiting a new place every month this summer, going in-depth to highlight fun and learning for our kids. We think this new series style will start conversations and help kids explore interests, even when … Read more

Become a chess champ: A virtual tutorial & more at-home activities for kids

Become a chess champ

Chess challenges young minds to think critically. It teaches sacrifice and strategy, and exercises the ability to think ahead. And it’s fun! Whether kids are new to chess or have been playing for some time, your public library has resources for all experience levels—including a virtual chess tutorial, an ongoing virtual workshop series, live tutoring, … Read more

Butterflies! At-home activities & more for grade schoolers (part 2)

Butterfly painting on window

By Middle School Services Librarian Beronica Puhr Here in Oak Park, the Village of Oak Park has proclaimed 2021 as the Year of the Butterfly, and we are learning so much about monarch butterflies and their need for milkweed plants to thrive. Did you know that the extinction of monarch butterflies ties into climate change? … Read more

Let reading color your world: Kids summer reading kicks off June 1

Reading Colors Your World

By Children’s Librarian Shelley Harris Friends, can you believe summer is almost here? It feels like winter was just last month and also a full year ago! But the calendar does not lie: our summer reading program, Reading Colors Your World, starts next week on June 1! Kids, like adults, have been doing their best … Read more

All about origami: How-to videos, books & more for grade schoolers

Butterfly origami

Library assistant Margaret can always be found doing origami and helping kids learn! Origami helps kids practice visual and spatial skills, concentration, and math, and is a great fidget activity for experienced creators. It’s also a lot of fun! Watch this video Can you make a butterfly following her tutorial? It’s the perfect way to … Read more

Rhythm & rhyme & harmony: Videos & activities to help early learners practice self-regulation

Toddler clapping

By Children’s Librarian Shelley Harris This week, I shared a video on using breathing to regulate your body when you’re feeling stressed or getting too excited on a fun day. A lot of the songs we sing and games we play in storytime help kids practice self-regulation: kids are following patterns in movement and song, … Read more

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