Personal Leave Policy

Library Board approved December 19, 2023 (effective January 1, 2024).


The Oak Park Public Library recognizes its staff members will need days off from work for various personal needs and reasons. Therefore, the library provides paid personal leave, which can be used for any reason, to its staff members. The library offers this paid leave policy according to Illinois’ Paid Leave for All Workers Act. 


All staff members are eligible to be awarded one (1) hour of paid personal leave for every 40 hours worked to a maximum of 40 hours of paid personal leave per calendar year. 

Award Amount Method

The library will award paid personal leave annually at the beginning of each calendar year (January 1).  The library will frontload all paid personal leave the staff member is entitled to earn for the upcoming calendar year based on the staff member’s current scheduled weekly hours. 

For staff members who start after January 1, the library will frontload the full amount of paid personal leave the new hires are entitled to upon their hire date based on their current scheduled weekly hours through the remainder of the year.  

The library may increase the available paid personal leave time for any staff members who substantially change their scheduled weekly hours at any time during the calendar year to ensure that the library is providing the correct amount of leave earned by its staff members based on their hours worked.

Notice of Leave

If the use of paid personal leave is foreseeable, the staff member must give the library at least seven (7) days’ notice of the planned leave following the library’s usual procedure for requesting time off.  Failure to provide such notice may be grounds for delay or denial of the leave. Where the need for leave is not foreseeable, the staff member is expected to notify the library as soon as practicable and, absent unusual circumstances, follow the library’s normal leave procedures.

Use of Leave

Staff members may use paid personal leave starting on January 1, 2024, or the day after they begin employment with the library, whichever is later. Staff members must use paid personal leave in increments of at least one (1) hour or more.

Staff members may use their paid personal leave for any reason. Staff members are not required to provide the library with a reason for the leave, nor must they provide documentation or certification supporting it.

Unused Leave

Staff members must use all paid personal leave by the end of the calendar year (December 31). No carryover of unused paid personal leave will be granted, and any unused leave will be forfeited. 

Payment of Leave

Personal leave will be paid at the staff member’s base pay rate when the leave is taken. Paid personal leave is not included in overtime calculations. Staff members will not be paid any awarded but unused leave upon termination of employment. 

Reinstatement of Leave

Staff members rehired within 12 months of their separation date will be provided with the paid personal leave they were awarded but did not use or the newly calculated annual award amount based on the rehire date, whichever is greater. Such staff members will be entitled to utilize this leave immediately.

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