Computer and Internet Use Policy

Library Board approved September 17, 2008. Revised October 23, 2018. Currently under review.


The purpose of this policy is to define appropriate use of the technology resources at the Oak Park Public Library by library technology users and includes technology and resources accessed with equipment in the Library, loaned by the library and/or via the Library’s wireless internet connection. This policy is to be used in conjunction with A Library for Everyone, other library policies, and all federal, state, and local laws and regulations concerning the use of property and computing resources. Use of Library public computers or wireless connection constitutes acceptance of this Computer and Internet Use Policy.


Access to the networks and the information technology environment at the Oak Park Public Library is a privilege. All users must respect the rights of other users, library’s equipment and all applicable license and contractual agreements related to paid resources.

All users of public computers or wireless Internet shall:

  • Sign up for only one public computer at a time.
  • Report any loss or theft of their library card immediately.
  • Observe the legal protections provided by copyright and license law, and computer abuse laws.
  • Observe posted time limits and regulations.


The library reserves the right to suspend the use of its computers and/or the library by anyone who uses library computing equipment, electronic devices or a network for an illegal purpose or for a purpose in violation of the standards outlined in this and other Oak Park Public Library policies.

All users shall specifically refrain from the following activities:

  • Using sounds and visuals which might disrupt the ability of other library patrons to use the library and its resources.
  • Sharing computer account numbers, passwords and other types of authorization that are assigned to individual users without consent.
  • Downloading and/or installing executable files from any source.
  • Changing the configuration files of any hardware or software on the Library’s workstations or attempting to disable the Library’s security software.
  • Misrepresenting themselves on the Internet with the intention to commit harm, fraud or as a source of an electronic communication.
  • Connecting any personal devices to the Library’s wired “Ethernet” network.


The Library may place limitations on time and manner of computer use in order to allocate computer and internet access as equitably as possible.


Use of any of the library’s computing equipment and networks is at the sole risk and discretion of the user. This means that it is the user, and not the library, who would be responsible for any damage to the user’s own computers, devices, or equipment while connected to the library’s wired or wireless networks or while connected to any of the library’s equipment. The library takes reasonable steps to secure its networks from unauthorized access. In using a public computer, however, an individual must be aware that the security of information or transactions while using the library’s equipment or networks is not guaranteed. Internet users are responsible for the websites they access and use the Internet at their own risk. The Library does not guarantee the privacy of any Internet sessions, nor is it responsible for the security of information transmitted and received during any Internet sessions. Any injury or damages incurred by users of Library Internet stations or the Library’s connection to the Internet are the sole responsibility of the user.

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