Wage & Salary Schedule & Grade Assignments

Updated January 1, 2023.

Pay schedule 2023

Grade 1$28,600$34,320$40,040$13.75$16.50$19.25
Grade 2$35,793$42,952$50,111$17.21$20.65$24.09
Grade 3$43,593$52,312$61,031$20.96$25.15$29.34
Grade 4$51,168$63,960$76,752$24.60$30.75$36.90
Grade 5$58,656$73,320$87,984$28.20$35.25$42.30
Grade 6$67,226$84,032$100,838$32.32$40.40$48.48
Grade 7$77,376$96,720$116,064$37.20$46.50$55.80

*Annual salary figures are based on full-time employment (40 hours/week).
**As of January 2023, the library’s minimum hourly wage is $16.50.

Grade assignments 2023

Position TitleGrade
Library Clerk1
Library Assistant2
Public Safety Specialist2
Digital Learning Specialist3
Library Specialist3
HR, Payroll & AP Specialist3
Programming Specialist3
Coordinator of Community Engagement, Digital Archives, Digital Learning, Materials, Handling, Multicultural Learning, Restorative Practices 4
Graphic Designer4
Information Technology Specialist4
Librarian (including Cataloging & Metadata, Collection Management, Community Engagement, Creative Technology, Digital Learning, Latinx Language & Culture, Programming, etc.) 4
Programming Supervisor4
Website & Information Technology Specialist4
Writer & Editor4
Accounting & Financial Coordinator5
Digital Engagement Coordinator5
Supervising Librarian5
Systems Administrator5
Manager of Adult Services, Children’s Services, Collections, Community Engagement, Facilities, Middle & High School Services, Patron Services, Public Safety, Special Collections, Technology6
Director of Collections, Communications, Equity & Anti-Racism, Facilities & Technology, Human Resources, Operations, Public Services & Programs, Social Services & Public Safety7

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